Why We Need Geographers: The “Go Geo” Campaign

In 2009, the Geo Employment Market Foundation from Netherlands made a statement: geospatial industry was needing more skilled students than the geospatial education system was able to educate, each year. As a result, there was vacant seats in a yet growing and very dynamic sector. In the Netherland, the geospatial industry  has grown 17% in 2008, and generates around 1.4 billion euros each year. So measures where taken to improve the attractiveness of geospatial studies for students, and to make sure their formation would match exactly what the employers will need, to guarantee a high employment rate.

This video is part of the GO GEO campaign that was lead by the Geo Employment Market Foundation, also today contributing to the Geo Skills + Project, aiming to match better the geo labour market with geo education offer at the european level. Many countries and institutions could get inspiration from this great, proactive initiative to guarantee top efficiency for students, employers and institutions.

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