The Oldest Wild Horse on Earth Has Been Saved From Extinction

The video above tells the rare story of the last wild breed of horses in the world: the Przewalski’s horse (from the name of the russian scientist who re-discovered the breed in 1879 at the Mongolia-China border). The story of this particular horse is not just a reintroduction anecdote. The Przewalski horse is one of the oldest breed in the world (we have evidence from around 4000 BC), and biologists are still not sure if it is an ancestor of the modern horses, or a separate specie that were never mixed with domesticated or other wild horses breeds.

The Przewalski horse remains today, with the american Mustang, the australian Brumby and the namibian wild horses, the last specie of wild horse in the world. Those horses were very likely the Gengis Khan mounts during the 13th century european invasions. The Przewalski was nearly extinct, only a few specimen were captured to be kept in zoos. Thanks to support groups, they were bred again and re-introduced in several areas fitting their mountainous natural environment, including China, Mongolia, France, Holland and Germany.